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Mrs. Paula Miller
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 Spanish 1 Assignments

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4/13/2014 10:00 PMWeek 4:  Spanish 1  4/14 to 4/18/2014
Assignments subject to change according to student needs.
lunes, 14 de abril: Testing schedule.  A period:  Complete p. 214, 215 Activities 30, 31.
martes, 15 de abril: Testing schedule.  C period:  Complete p. 214, 215 Activities 30, 31.
miércoles, 16 de abril: Review p. 215 Activity 32. Begin work on restaurant project menu. Do CVG p. 71.
jueves, 17 de abril: Go over p. 216 Activity 34. Work on menu, script for restaurant project. Do CVG p. 72.
viernes, 18 de abril: Go over p. 217 Activity 36.  Work on the script for the restaurant project.

Learning goals: Students will be able to use affirmative commands with object pronouns.
Standards:  WL.K12.Nh.5.2, WL.K12.NH.5.3, WL.K12.IL.5.5
4/16:  ¿Qué sacas del refrigerador para hacer el almuerzo?
4/17:  Cuando comes en un restaurante, ¿quién paga la cuenta?
4/6/2014 11:00 PMWeek 3:  Span 1  4th 9 weeks   April 7-11 2014
Assignments subject to change according to student needs.

lunes, 7 de abril:  Review Chap 6 vocabulario 2 and go over CVG p. 68, text p. 210. 

martes, 8 de abril:Review CVG p. 69 and do Activity 24, p. 211. Interview: p. 211 Act. 25. Practice speaking with a partner in Spanish.

miercoles, 9 de abril:Take guided notes on object pronouns, p. 212. do aloud p. 212 Act. 26. Write p. 213 Act. 27, 28. HW: CVG p. 70.

jueves, 10 de abril:Check CVG p. 70.  Do practice activities with object pronouns. Introduce command forms. HW: worksheet.

viernes, 11 de abril:  Go over worksheet. Discuss pages 214 Act. 30 and 215 Act. 31. 

Learning goals:  Students will be able to talk about meals, offering help and will learn about object pronouns.

Standards: WL.K12.NM.3.5, WL.K12.NH.5.5, WL.K12.NM.5.3, WL.K12.NH.4.1, WL.K12.NM.3.2
3/31/2014 8:00 AMWeek 2: Spanish 1  3/31 to 4/4/2014
Assignments subject to change according to student needs

lumes, 31 de marzo: Go over CVGp. 65. Discuss preferir, poder and probar, pages 204-205. Do Activity 17 aloud, then write p. 209 Act 18 and 19. HW: CVG p. 66.
martes, primero de abril:Check CVG p. 66.  Verb review bingo. HW: study stem-changing verbs for quiz.
miércoles, 2 de abril: Quiz on stem-changing verbs. Read and discuss “Comparaciones”, pages 206-207. Present new vocabulary.
jueves, 3 de abril:  Read pages 208-209 Vocabulario 2 and the Exprésate box.  On your paper answer Activities 21, 22 page 210.  Do CVG p. 67.
viernes, 4 de abril:  On your paper do Activity 23, p. 210. Read page 211 Exprésate box. Then complete CVG pages 68 and 69.

Learning goals:  Students will be able to use stem-changing verbs, to talk about meals, and to offer help with meals.
Standards: WL.K12.NM.5.3, WL.K12.NM.1.1, WL.K12.NM.6.1, WL.K12.NH.4.1, WL.K12.NM.3.2


¿Qué pides en un restaurante mexicano?
¿Prefieres las papas fritas de McDonald’s or de Chik-fil-A?
¿Cuándo pruebas la sopa?

3/24/2014 10:00 PMWeek 1: Spanish 1 4th 9 wks   Mar 25
Assignments subject to change according to student needs.

lunes, 24 de marzo:  Teacher planning.
martes, 25 de marzo: Turn in the Assignment packet for March 11-14. Review vocabulary, p.198-199.  Introduce ser and estar, page200. Do aloud p. 200 Act. 7. HW: Write p. 201 Act. 8. Do workbook p. 63.

miércoles, 26 de marzo: Turn in p. 201 and go over CVG p. 63. Do aloud p. 201 Act. 10, 11. Practice activity with ser and estar. HW: CVG p. 64.
jueves, 27 de marzo: Go over CVG p. 64. Review uses of ser and estar, do mini-quiz. Write down forms of pedir and servir in notes. Do aloud p. 202 Act. 13. HW: p. 203 Act. 15.  Fill in the questions with the correct spelling of the verb given.
viernes, 28 de marzo: Turn in p. 203 and Week 1 bellwork.  Verb review activity. Do CVG p.65 as classwork.

Learning goals:  Students will be able to distinguish uses of ser and estar; learn verbs pedir, servir

Standards: WL.K12.NH.8.3, WL.K12.NH.4.1, WL.K12.NM.5.3

3/25 ¿Qué desea usted para tomar?
3/26 ¿Es buena para ti la comida salada?
3/27 No bellwork
3/28 ¿Siempre sirven ustedes una ensalada con el plato principal


Assignment for April 3 and 4 
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 3/31/2014 7:24 AM
On-line practice 
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 3/24/2014 9:23 PM
3rd 9 weeks Spanish 1 project Attachment
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 1/23/2014 3:45 PM
¡Bienvenidos! Welcome to Mrs. Miller's Spanish 1 Sharepoint page! 
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 8/14/2013 4:23 PM


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